What is the Managing Safely® course?

Managing Safely is a course devised by IOSH and delivered by IOSH approved training centres. People who undertake the course are usually invited to by their employers, although there is nothing preventing an individual from doing it themselves for personal development.

The main aim of Managing Safely is to enable the delegate (you!) to understand how health and safety can be managed in the workplace and to give you practical tools and techniques to keep everyone safe.

So, why do we need to train people in health and safety?

Well, in the year 2019 / 2020, a total of 111 people were killed at work in the UK. Although this is the lowest total on record (many workplaces closed or reduced headcount due to Covid-19), it’s still 111 people who got up, had their coffee, went to work and didn’t return. This isn’t a situation we ever want to find ourselves in; either becoming a victim ourselves or having to inform a family that their loved one is never coming home.

The Managing Safely course can be taught face-to-face in a classroom environment or online. This preparation course is mainly aimed at classroom taught as this can be the bigger source of concern for people who haven’t undertaken formal training in a while. It’s also (in my opinion) the most effective form of training due to easy interaction between delegates and tutor and the extra support that can be given in a face-to-face environment.

What Can I Expect On the Day?

Whether your course is being taught in your normal workplace or a different venue, the format will be the same. All delegates are issued with an official IOSH workbook at the beginning of the first day and these are yours to keep. You will also complete a registration form to confirm your attendance and the tutor will run through venue-specific information such as where the facilities are and the timings of each day. There is a lot to get through on a 3-day course but there will be plenty of breaks and opportunities to complete practical tasks and mock tests so you’re ready for the final test.

Tests and Practical Assignments

In order to pass the course, you must sit a test (under exam conditions) and complete and submit a practical assignment which will be a risk assessment of a workplace situation of your choice. More information regarding the final test and assignment is given in the ‘Hints and Tips’ topic at the end of this course.

Let’s take a look at the topics covered under the Managing Safely course.