Yes, you do. All courses, whether chargeable or not, require students to register for auditing and quality purposes. Your data is held securely (see Privacy Policy) and will never be sold to a third-party.

Any specific qualification requirements will be made clear on the course description. Generally speaking, the majority of courses do not require qualifications but a good understanding of English and the ability to use a computer is vital.

As many as you like! Please be mindful of the course time constraints and that course have different end dates for your access. Further information is given on the course page.

When you register with the website a profile will be created for you. This will show all the courses you are registered for and will allow you access to these when you are using the website.

You may cancel your enrolment and request a refund within 14 days of purchase, provided you have not accessed the course, commenced using it or downloaded any information from it. Please contact us at learn@maderne.com if you are considering cancelling your enrolment.

You can pay for your online course with PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account you will be able to pay with a credit or debit card as a guest. For taught (face-to-face) courses, invoicing direct to the business may be possible – please contact us at learn@maderne.com for further information.

It depends! Online courses are undertaken at your own pace and this will vary from person to person. The course outline should give you an idea of the workload required. Taught courses will have clear times for completion on them.

For all online courses, consultancy and additional training support can be provided at a separate cost. Please contact us at hello@maderne.com with your enquiry.

Most of the online courses issue certificates on successful completion. It will be stated on the course page if your particualr course doesn’t award a certificate. Taught courses issue certificates to candidates that have passed the exam, practical test or other course requirements.